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Plant operators can hardly deal with the constant changes in the legal basis in their day-to-day business - they usually lack the personnel resources to do so. For this reason, YNCORIS has put together a service package that enables companies to operate their plants in a legally compliant manner without having to constantly keep up to date with regard to the mandatory initial inspections and periodic inspections.

Court proof documentation

By taking the subject of testing into our own hands for you, we not only save you from criminal proceedings and from legally justified shutdowns, but also from incidents with serious consequences. We always inspect in accordance with the latest safety regulations and ensure court-proof documentation.

Our services

  • Testing of portable and stationary work equipment (DGUV3)
  • Testing of electrical systems (VDE and VDS)
  • Testing of safety devices / measuring equipment (EMSR / PLT) Loopckeck
  • Explosion protection testing of electrical and non-electrical explosion-proof work equipment and systems (Ex-testing)
  • Hose inspection
  • Rack inspection
  • Thermography
  • Vibration measurement and maintenance
  • Testing, maintenance and support of frequency converters
  • Testing and maintenance of battery & UPS system

Thanks to our qualified staff and very high-quality technical equipment, we can guarantee 100% compliance with all relevant regulations (including BetrSichV, PrüfVO and DGUVen). However, safety regulations are not the only source of specifications for tests - some tests are also specified by the manufacturer. Since we are very familiar with all components of chemical production plants, you have full security with us also with regard to such tests. On request, our technical testing service includes everything that is required for exemplary test management: needs analysis, list of duties, preparation of test contents (standard, manufacturer, company specifications) and derivation of work plans, preparation and introduction of a delegation of duties, performance of the tests and subsequent processing of the test results. This applies to both (mandatory) initial inspections and recurring inspections.

Your advantages

  • Reduced risk of failures due to immediate elimination of minor defects
  • Synergy effects (through bundling of inspections)
  • Invoicing of services and coordination efforts either according to service or fixed price catalogs
  • Advice on all inspection obligations and all relevant regulations
  • Provision of qualified persons for recurring inspections
  • Professional, legally compliant documentation in accordance with standards
  • Message transfer through connection to ERP systems
  • Detailed defect reports (incl. photos, characteristic curves, etc.) with explanations and suggested solutions

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