Computable production

Automation technology doesn't just make industrial production more economical, but also computable: a higher degree of automation ensures reproducible results at any time, i.e. ensures consistent quality and creates the conditions for exploiting as much production data as possible. For this reason, automation technology is one of the most important elements in scaling.

Automation made by YNCORIS: programmed for success

With innovative tools and specialist knowledge resulting from decades of experience, we ensure that you get the maximum benefit from the opportunities offered by modern automation technology. As a service partner who is skilled in control and process control systems as well as in the construction of control cabinets and electrical assemblies, we can implement for you any imaginable automation solution. And when everything is perfectly implemented, success comes automatically.

Our service portfolio in the field of automation technology:

  • Network flow calculations for network design
  • Hardware planning for the production of implementation documents
  • Development of application software, including user interfaces
  • Plant simulation
  • Software testing of safety-related control systems
  • Migration of control and process control systems
  • Plant safety through the use of process control engineering
  • Consultation on SIL, intrinsic safety, Safety at Work Regulations (BetrSichV)
  • Appointment of experts (§29a Federal Emissions Protection (BImSchG))
  • Component delivery (measurement/automation systems)
  • Construction of control cabinets and electrical assembly

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