Production of Bio-Methanol


  • Conversion of bio-genic CO2 into bio-methanol by reaction with hydrogen

  • Generation of green hydrogen by electrolysis

  • Methanol synthesis under dynamic operation condition caused by feed changes

  • Suitable catalyst for dynamic operation conditions


  • Process design for a flexible bio methanol process

  • Efficiency analysis with optimization by heat integration

  • Consideration of intermittent H2 supply due to fluctuations of regenerative energy an electricity prices

  • Analysis of commercial catalysts for flexible operation


  • Steady state and dynamic models

  • Process and process control concept

  • Basic engineering

Funding Agency

  • Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung
  • BioEconomy Cluster


  • ≈0,6 Mio. €


  • bse engineering
  • Fraunhofer CBP
  • AC FHI