Planning and implementation

We carry out all the planning needed for the construction or retrofit of your plant and also ensure implementation. Construction planning and implementation from us don't just have solid foundations, they also both come from a single source. We cover every steps and offer every service ranging from construction permit applications, fire safety concepts and the construction itself, through to the handover of a ready-to-use facility. Of course, we also keep an eye on the many costs and deadlines in each project phase – and by "keep an eye on", we mean "have perfectly under control".

Facilities, plants and operating sites

Our construction managers and health and safety personnel coordinate all construction activities and meticulously monitor implementation. This applies not only to facility construction: our service portfolio also includes infrastructure concepts for plants and operating sites. As chemical park operators, we know exactly how to harmonise production requirements with supply and waste disposal and plant logistics. It's not rocket science, but simply a question of experience.

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