A question of profitability

In chemical production, product quality, safety and profitability are increasingly dictated by which materials are used and in which concentrations. Process analysis has therefore gained enormously in importance; many facilities would de facto no longer be economically viable without the meticulous measurements gathered by PAT.

PAT from YNCORIS: it pays!

Process analysis technology from YNCORIS offers you extremely reliable systems that precisely capture the substance properties, concentrations and compositions in your production process. Furthermore, our systems also allow you to perform continuous online monitoring, identify potential savings and contribute to accelerated process development, while taking into account fluctuations in the properties of raw materials. In short, we ensure that you stay on top in the back and forth of changing production and market conditions.

Our services in detail


  • Inspection, maintenance and calibration of process analytical measuring equipment
  • Preventive maintenance to avoid faults
  • Repair, fault clearance
  • Optimization of existing analyzer systems, weak point analysis
  • Stock of spare parts and procurement of calibration standards
  • Maintenance and repair of portable gas detectors

Project planning:

  • Coordination of the task with the customer
  • Concept development and application consulting
  • Manufacturer-independent selection of the measuring method or analyzer and components for sample conditioning/preparation
  • Own system construction including sample preparation
  • Assembly of the analysis system, from the sampling point to the signal output into the process control system
  • Commissioning and signalling test
  • Documentation

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