Project management from A to Z

EPCM – Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management – is an extended form of project implementation. As part of an EPCM agreement for constructing an industrial facility, we act as the primary contractor; i.e. we take on full project management responsibility for the project. Unlike classic EPC, we focus on planning and construction management. For materials procurement and engaging sub-contractors, we perform an advisory role only – so that you can keep full control of the costs.

Ready-to-use facilities

Our specialist team, composed of experts in project management, engineering, procurement and coordination, take on all project tasks – from basic and detail engineering and overseeing construction, through to handover. We also take on responsibility for timelines and cost and resource management, as well as for project-specific quality assurance.

At the end of the process, we deliver a ready-to-use facility that in principle just needs switching on to get started. Flip the switch and it's up and running.

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