Operating wastewater systems: major effort

Wastewater from the chemical industry often contains contaminants from various types of substances and must therefore be thoroughly cleaned in purification systems. This requires a great deal of effort in terms of coordination, monitoring and system maintenance. With changes to or the expansion of production, contract modifications will be repeatedly required. We can take on the full technical and legal management of wastewater systems and associated equipment.

The wastewater service from YNCORIS: completely clear

We manage all treatment systems (for mechanical or biological cleaning) and all drainage systems for water from production, sanitary water or rainwater. Everything for you is then "clear". Our service in this area includes – alongside system maintenance and ensuring full compliance with regulations – the following service activities:

  • Discharge monitoring
  • Coordinating between discharges and treatment systems
  • Contract management
  • Maintaining a wastewater register
  • Appointment of an authorised water protection officer

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