Development of health strategies

Every industrial firm makes company-specific demands on its staff – medical infrastructure must therefore be orientated towards them. YNCORIS develops a modular healthcare strategy for you that is individually tailored to your facility.

Occupational healthcare

We provide occupational healthcare to your staff through occupational healthcare specialists according to §3 of the Occupational Safety Act. We offer the following services:

  • Advising employers and employees on all issues concerning workplace safety and health protection
  • Carrying out all occupational healthcare screenings according to both state and occupational insurance association regulations
  • Workplace accessibility
  • Reintegration management of staff on long-term sick leave or injured in accidents

Workplace health promotion

We manage the planning and implementation of measures to improve health and performance among staff.

  • Carrying out seminars on maintaining a capacity to work among personnel in particularly stressful occupations and older staff members
  • Carrying out supportive measures to establish health-conscious behaviour

Emergency healthcare and walk-in clinic

We take on the organisation and implementation of first-aid measures at your site through doctors specialising in occupational healthcare and emergency medicine.

  • Set-up and operation of a walk-in clinic
  • Organisation of doctor's surgery times
  • Provision of paramedic assistance in the event of accidents