Biotech projects: promising and profitable

Biotechnology looks promising from many angles. It contributes to protecting nature and the environment, is climate friendly and solves supply problems. It's also lucrative – the benefits of industrial production using sustainable materials couldn't be clearer!

Know-how: developing procedural solutions

As a member of the registered association CLIB2021 (Cluster Industrial Biotechnology), we have a finger firmly on the pulse when it comes to linking knowledge in biotechnology with industrial value creation. Are you involved in a biotechnology project and need support? We're happy to advise! Especially when your project is still at the lab stage, we provide valuable assistance in procedural support. We've already developed procedural solutions for biofuel production, for bio-based building blocks, for the production of plastic additives and for recycling.

We're with you all the way – from upstream to downstream.

With our wide-ranging biotechnology expertise, we support you through the implementation of each individual process step, from upstream processing (preparing the fermentation, professional storage of micro-organisms, etc.) through to downstream processing (reprocessing/purification).

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