Retrofitting a facility or building from scratch: the faster the better.

Business success today means more than ever being able to respond quickly to market changes. Part of responding quickly is fast implementation: the shorter the time between deciding to expand capacity and commencing operation of a new facility, the better – and the more likely increased turnover will be achieved.

All major trades under one roof

By building a facility with us ensures no time will be lost. We implement your plans within the minimum possible time and thus provide you with a clear competitive advantage. The key is expert engineering combined with deep know-how in construction and assembly. By covering the major trades with our own resources, we have the capacity to act incredibly quickly while remaining extremely flexible. We can therefore implement your wishes without delay.

We think about maintenance already during construction.

We have decades of experience in running chemical plants so we start thinking about post-construction needs at the very beginning of a project. So you can be sure that our planning services maintain the highest standards – and that our plans make sense for servicing and maintenance.

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