Playing by the rules: numerous regulations must be followed.

In the chemical industry, dealing with waste is regulated according to a detailed catalogue of specifications based on EU waste management laws. Furthermore, there are numerous national by-laws and specific waste disposal regulations in each German state. We help you to comply with all legal requirements on the prevention, transport, storage and recycling of industrial waste. So that you're legally protected. In addition, you protect your resources and – thanks to improved operational processes – your budget, too!

Certified waste storage

YNCORIS is waste disposal certified for the storage of waste according to §52 Waste Management Law (KrWG/AbfG). Apart from directly monitoring incoming waste and temporary storage in containers, through to treatment and composition, we offer the following services:

  • Appointment of waste operatives
  • Contribution to approval according to the Federal Emissions Protection Law (BImSchG)
  • Generation of numerous waste disposal verification documents (also according to the electronic waste records procedure (eANV))
  • Development of individual waste disposal strategies
  • Disposal scheduling and maintaining waste registers
  • Generation of waste records
  • Operation of waste disposal centres

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