Secondary energy supply

If you want to improve the overall potential for energy efficiency at a chemical facility, it makes sense to optimise the secondary energy supply. In practice, this means cooling, refrigeration supply and compressed air generation must be organised in such a way that as much synergy as possible is created in order to lower costs. It also goes without saying that the highest security – in particular security of supply – must be guaranteed.

Managing cooling tower systems: we keep a cool head.

We look after the operation of cooling tower systems and associated equipment, e.g., backwash filters and metering units. We therefore deploy our own personnel on site and take on full responsibility for maintenance, fault clearance and the forward-looking development of the operational design.

Managing refrigeration systems: we're a breath of fresh air.

We prepared for supplying refrigeration up to minus 40 degrees. We have many years of experience in the inspection and maintenance of cooling and refrigeration equipment and buffer tanks.

Managing pressurised air systems: we keep up the pressure

We know our way around the technical and legal support of compressed air systems – whether compressor technology, drying technology or compressed air storage technology – and can ensure the functioning of all your compressed air systems.

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