Maintenance by YNCORIS – a clear advantage

Outsourcing maintenance has undeniable benefits for you as a facility manager. First: all necessary tasks are completed without delay (and not just when personnel resources happen to be free to do them). Second: there are always specialists at work. And third: the costs can be calculated long-term. We have a range of service models available!

Our models

Framework agreement

Do you want to remain primarily in control of maintenance measures yourself and just want additional capacity? If so, the framework agreement would be a good choice for you. We then agree with you on the services that you cannot or do not want to specify separately, but want to have performed over a specific time period.

Main contracting

Is your priority in maintenance to establish the simplest possible process? In the main contracting model, we work with you to bundle together trades, one-off services and framework agreements into service specifications – you can then access from a single source. This increases audit security while reducing costs.

Full service

Do you want to eliminate maintenance tasks from your day-to-day work so that you can fully concentrate on your core business? The full-service model means we do all maintenance: planning, management and implementation. The responsibility for numerous maintenance tasks lies entirely with us but we keep you updated through transparent documentation and an ERP solution. You profit from a complete all-round service and from the synergy effects that arise from having all services under one roof.

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