From dismantling to restarting operation

If there's a problem with the facility's parts or equipment, we take responsibility for the complete repair process – from dismantling the affected part, identifying the defect (including producing an incident report) and procuring or manufacturing replacement parts, through to reassembly and restarting operations at the facility.

In-house workshops, trained specialists

We make sure that when process components fail – whether machines, motors, pumps or fittings – full function is restored in the shortest possible time. We then use our own workshops and turn to our highly qualified specialists. What needs repairing will be repaired – no matter who manufactured the defective part – so that everything will be up and running again.

We repair...

  • Apparatuses and Tanks
  • Mountings and valves
  • Machines and motors
  • Pumps
  • Pipes
  • Control cabinets

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