Customised production: we build what you need!

"If it doesn't fit, use a bigger hammer", is what they say in the trade. We add: "What can't be bought, can be made." You can expect a great deal from our experts in production and assembly: they build containers, coolers, collection trays, pipes and even control cabinets – to fit your facility. Complicated tasks such as producing a frequency inverter cabinet are no obstacle to us, just another regular task.

Installation and replacement

Producing the parts needed for the facility is only one side of the coin – the other is assembly. Assembly often requires specialist equipment (cranes, working platforms, hoisting equipment) and therefore a particularly demanding area. The components to be assembled are always in good hands with us. We undertake installation, replacement assembly and heavy duty assembly – from the planning stage through to start-up.

We focus on quality – and safety.

Although we aim for "maximum delivery, minimum time", workplace safety and failure-free procedures are always our highest priority. All monitoring functions at the construction site are therefore carried our by our own personnel. If you are willing to stake everything on a job, you should be the one to keep any eye pm it.

  • Containers, coolers, columns
  • WHG-compliant collection trays
  • Pipes and pipeline systems (with TÜV)
  • Control cabinets (one-off production and serial production of up to 150 units)
  • (Heavy) equipment installation (with mobile cranes, hydraulic hoists and transportation)
  • Installation of control and lighting technology
  • Installation of cable management systems, cabling and mounts
  • Installation of control panels
  • Assembly using cranes, lifts, winches, lifting equipment and transport devices

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