It begins with your idea.

When you have an idea for an industrial production project, you need someone to tell you if and how your idea can be realised. That's us! We carefully consider your idea – and turn it into a concept.

A workshop to get the ball rolling

To begin, we conduct a workshop with you. This will address basic issues such as budget and timelines, process know-how and facility planning. But it's also about something else that is just as important: getting to know each other.

Everything in black and white

Once we know the requirements, we consider the fundamental questions. Is a new production facility required? Or can existing production infrastructure be modified to accommodate the requirements? We develop an overall process and quantify the input and output volumes involved. If necessary, we suggest undertaking trials or gathering substance data.

You decide what happens next! 

The result delivered to you is a feasibility study that takes into account numerous process variants with a list of pros and cons. Then you know how things stand – and can decide how things should progress.

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