Optimal visualisation: 3D facility layout

Once we've finished reviewing and screening the different process options, we begin with the first part of the conceptual design: comparing the pros and cons for each option and, based on criteria such as budget planning, market availability, etc., we decide on a "best of". We then develop a basic facility design. This includes: 

  • Building and facility layouts as 3D models,
  • Block flow charts and process flow diagrams and
  • Stationary and dynamic process simulations.

We also calculate dimensions for equipment and units, check regulatory approaches and, where necessary, re-design. In addition, we develop a basic safety concept.

Cost estimates: What do you need to consider?

The second part of the conceptual design is the balance forecast: we calculate the mass and energy balances and determine the extent of investment required. We provide you with an overall cost estimate so that you know what – and how much – you can expect.

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