More efficiency - step by step

Optimising an industrial production facility can be a good idea – or even a necessity – for many reasons: new legal requirements, rising energy prices or raw material costs, or new customer requirements. Which strategy will be most effective is however not a case of one size fits all. We have therefore developed a method that allows us to define the best optimisation measures for your facility.

Step 1: Determine current state 

We first need to know which screws might need adjusting so we filter out all relevant process data from the control system and retrieve energy figures. Then we can see what can be increased or decreased, and how much that affects the bottom line.

Step 2: Create simulations

To calculate how changing individual parameters affect the whole process, we use various modelling and simulation programmes. With the help of simulation tools, we can also test automation and regulating concepts, and monitor changes in the facility's performance in real time.

Step 3: Evaluation

Finally, our experts evaluate the results as part of a concept planning. We then present you with a solution that represents the best value for money.

Description of services

In these areas we already offer the best environment for future-proof production. Creation of a model-based concept for capacity expansion and the introduction of a new product.


  • Determination of mass and energy balances for different capacity levels.
  • Model-based identification of bottlenecks in case of capacity increase by means of Aspen Batch Developer
  • Flexible consideration of variants with investment cost evaluation
  • Cycle time determination under consideration of equipment geometries incl. start-up processes

Recommendations for concrete measures to achieve the required capacities.

Added values

Your added values:
With our 30 process engineers and simulation tools such as Aspen and ChemCAD, we deal with approximately 50 early project phases annually.

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